What a skater does not like fast skating. Imagine, we are flying, accelerating and rejoicing in speed, as a tall and not soft side grows in front of us. At…

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The vicissitudes of fate
May in Beijing is almost the beginning of summer, the temperature exceeded 35 ℃, but one pair still worked hard on various movements on the ice rink. This year she…

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Evgenia Medvedeva-biography
The main advantage of Zhenya Medvedeva is her incredible inner strength, multiplied by her artistic / creative talent. She does not worry about the next element (at least, outwardly it…

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Evgenia Tarasova

Although the competitions in figure skating are filled with tenderness and romance, and the participants seem weightless nymphs who soar above the ice, the backstage of this sport is amazing. Athletes have to go to exhausting long hours of training and lifestyle restrictions for the sake of those minutes of fame that they ultimately achieve.

Among Russian couples in figure skating, Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov are especially distinguished. Despite their youth and little experience in international competitions, young people are promising and ambitious, and they have already won many serious awards and achievements.

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Men on ice: our collection of the sexiest skaters in the world

Figure skating is perhaps the most beautiful sport. A lot has been written about the beauty of the skaters. And we made the top sexiest men on ice.

Michal Brzezina

Czech skater in single skating. He has not yet reached the highest pedestals and can boast only bronze medals of the European Championship, Czech championship, and the fact that he takes 9th place in the rating of the International Union of Skaters. At the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, he took 9th place. Despite the modest successes, he is very popular and loved by women all over the world – for his amazing charm.

Evgeni Plushenko
“King of ice” from Russia. Maybe not the most beautiful of the skaters, but a completely charming and charismatic athlete, who also shows his fans amazing strength of spirit – at the Olympics in Sochi, with a Continue reading


One of the most beautiful sports that are included in the program of the Olympic Games is figure skating. In addition to a wide variety of sports in various disciplines of figure skating, there are a lot of show programs in which the best skaters of the world take part.
One of the most popular types in sports, which is characterized by expressive movements and high emotionality, is figure skating.
The best skaters of the world in this sport, through titanic efforts, achieve continuous improvement of their skills. Figure skating is a public sport. They begin to deal with it even in preschool age. Figure skating, like most sports, affects the increase in functions in the vestibular apparatus, improves the state of the circulatory and respiratory organs. Pair skating, women and men single skating, as well as ice dancing, these Continue reading

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Who judges the skaters, where the referees are trained, and what influences their decisions. Figure skating
They get a penny, dance on a pole and endure threats. “SE” answers the eternal question “Who are the judges?” This season, judges in figure skating are some of the…


"Exhausted to death": how Tutberidze drives a Japanese
The Japanese skater Shoma Uno has been training for several weeks in a group with Russian specialist Eteri Tutberidze at a base in Novogorsk. Other athletes from Khrustalny are delighted…


Carolina Costner
For the beauty, femininity and incredible talent, Carolina Costner was nicknamed Princess Caro. Costner is also known for being one of the few skaters who can perform complex triple cascades.…


The best Russian skaters of the last four years (and what happened to them)
the 2013/14 season she won both the qualifying stages of the Grand Prix, became the second in the final, and then impressed everyone with a magnificent victory at the European…