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Top Questions That Every Sports Podiatrist Adelaide Answers

A Sports podiatrist Adelaide is similar to any other podiatrist. They have the same practice and are knowledgeable about the same things. The only difference between the two is that a sports podiatrist focuses more on treating foot problem that’s caused by performing sports or various exercises. Their clients are commonly athletes who are seeking treatment from foot injuries to alleviate their pain.



When it comes to tuning the body, most people – even athletes – overlook the importance of the feet. This statement may sound ironic since most workouts commonly use the feet – but it’s true. That’s why giving them a little tender loving care can go a long way towards strengthening your body and improving your balance for a better performance in whatever sport you’re playing.


Seeing a sports podiatrist Adelaide is also the best option to either treat an injured foot or prevent it from ever happening. The most commonly asked questions that a sports podiatrist answers every time are:


Sports Podiatrist AdelaideWhat are the common reasons athletes come to your clinic for treatment?

The most common complaint that athletes claim is heel pain, which leads to the podiatrist believing that it’s plantar fasciitis. A plantar fascia is a group of connective tissue on the bottom of your foot. It helps support the arch, so when it’s injured, people tend to feel pain during their first step in the morning. Stretching the Achilles and calf muscles will alleviate the pain and release some of the tensions on your plantar fascia, helping the injury get better over time.


What’s the one thing you wish most athletes knew about running injuries?

It’s December, so if you’re taking a break from running during the cold season, then I recommend you start from the very beginning this coming spring. Most of the time athletes resume to their normal running routines while their feet are still rusty and starting to adjust back to their usual training. If you shock your feet, you are likely to injure yourself more than not. Also, if your core is weak, the Achilles and other tendons in your feet will be under more stress and at higher risk of injury. That’s why when you’re returning from a long rest, make sure you do basic exercises such as planks to re-integrate your feet towards your usual running programme.


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