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Satoko Miyahara

Satoko Miyahara’s jumps are criticized – low, they say. But I would call the jumps not low, but rather small – in English there is such a beautiful word tiny, meaning something small, but with a positive connotation. Small, neat jumps – such as Satoko herself. They have aesthetics and taste.

In Satoko Miyahara there is tenacity, it seems to me that she is very persistent in the good sense of the word, she goes out and starts brazenly (despite the low jumps) to ride.

Acquaintance with Satoko Miyahara’s figure skating.

Satoko Miyahara was born in Kyoto in 1998. She has been practicing figure skating from a young age, she has shown very good results for her age. Three times performed at the junior world championships (2012), (2013) and (2014). In 2013, Satoko Miyahara won a bronze medal in a difficult fight in the national championship.

In early 2014, she was sent to the championship of the four continents in Taipei. This was due to the fact that the main Japanese team went to Sochi. Satoko managed to win a silver medal there, Miyahara repeated the same result and a year later in Seoul at a similar championship. At the same time, she improved all her previous sports achievements. At the World Championships in Shanghai, the girls were fighting hard and Satoko after the short program was in third place (the previous sporting achievement was improved).

In the free program, Miyahara reached the limit of her capabilities, surpassing her previous achievements. She managed to push the Russian figure skater Elena Radionova into third place and managed to win a silver medal at the debut championship. In mid-April, at the final start of the season at the team world championship at home, Satoko performed successfully in both types of programs (in her own she improved her previous achievements), which contributed to the bronze medal of the Japanese team.
In early February 2017, the skater reported that she was injured, because of which she had to withdraw from the continental championship, the Asian Games and the World Cup.

After the injury, she appeared only at the end of the year. The Japanese loner began the new Olympic season at the home stage of the Grand Prix series, where she finished in the middle of the tournament table. According to the results of participating in the Grand Prix, she failed to qualify for the Grand Prix Final, however, due to an injury to the Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, she had to withdraw from the finals and Satoka got the right to perform at the home finals.

Satoko Miyahara other facts:

Miyahara’s dresses are all tasteful, without too much decoration and other things, just like the year since 2012, Satoko stopped pulling skates on pantyhose in any form (whole boot, half, boot). If you pull yourself up, it’s hard to remember at least one Satoko suit, to which there would be any complaints.

Satoko Miyahara is very consistent with the meaning of his name. A calm, quiet voice, modest behavior … and, at the same time, Satoko strive to develop her mind, learn something other than sports – she graduated from high school at Kansai University (a very old university founded in the 19th century) and is going to enroll to the Faculty of Philology of Kansai and study English and literature.

Satoko Miyahara as one of the leaders in the world ranking is not free from the stereotypes that have developed around her. One of the most stable is that she jumps almost without breaking away from the ice. The term “triple twizzle” even came into circulation

Satoko Miyahara, performance results:

Tournament Category Place
XXIII Olympic Winter Games 2018 Girls 4
ISU World Championships 2019 Girls 6
ISU World Championships 2018 Girls 3
ISU World Championships 2016 Girls 5
ISU World Championships 2015 Girls 2
ISU Four Continents Championships 2018 Girls 3
ISU Four Continents Championships 2016 Girls 1
ISU Four Continents Championships 2015 Girls 2
ISU Four Continents Championships 2014 Girls 2
ISU World Junior Championships 2014 Junior 4
World Junior Championships 2013 Junior 7
World Junior Championships 2012 Junior 4
ISU Grand Prix Final 2018/19 Girls 6
ISU Grand Prix Final 2017/18 Girls 5
ISU Grand Prix Final 2016/17 Girls 2
ISU Grand Prix Final 2015/16 Girls 2
ISU Junior Grand Prix Final 2012/13 Junior 5
ISU GP NHK Trophy 2018 Girls 2
ISU GP Skate America 2018 Girls 1
ISU GP Skate America 2017 Girls 1
ISU GP NHK Trophy 2017 Girls 5
ISU GP NHK Trophy 2016 Girls 2
ISU GP Skate Canada International 2016 Girls 3
ISU GP NHK Trophy 2015 Girls 1
ISU GP 2015 Progressive Skate America Girls 3
ISU GP NHK Trophy 2014 Girls 3
ISU GP Skate Canada International 2014 Girls 3
ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2013 Girls 5
ISU GP NHK Trophy 2013 Girls 5
ISU JGP Bosphorus 2012 Junior 3
ISU JGP Lake Placid 2012 Junior 1
ISU JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011 Junior 5
ISU JGP Baltic Cup 2011 Junior 2
ISU CS US International FS Classic 2018 Girls 1
ISU CS US Internat. FS Classic 2016 Girls 1
ISU CS US Internat. FS Classic 2015 Girls 1
CS Lombardia Trophy 2014 Girls 1
Bavarian Open 2019 Girls 1
Gardena Spring Trophy 2014 Girls 1

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