Evgenia Medvedeva: moving to Canada was the sharpest turn in my life
The Moscow stage of the Grand Prix in figure skating was marked by many achievements - the Russians were the first in all kinds of programs, and some of them…

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Alina Zagitova
Alina Zagitova is one of the best skaters in the world, performing in the women's single discipline of figure skating. For the titles that Alina won before adulthood, many athletes…

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One of the most beautiful sports that are included in the program of the Olympic Games is figure skating. In addition to a wide variety of sports in various disciplines…

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Men on ice: our collection of the sexiest skaters in the world

Figure skating is perhaps the most beautiful sport. A lot has been written about the beauty of the skaters. And we made the top sexiest men on ice.

Michal Brzezina

Czech skater in single skating. He has not yet reached the highest pedestals and can boast only bronze medals of the European Championship, Czech championship, and the fact that he takes 9th place in the rating of the International Union of Skaters. At the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, he took 9th place. Despite the modest successes, he is very popular and loved by women all over the world – for his amazing charm.

Evgeni Plushenko
“King of ice” from Russia. Maybe not the most beautiful of the skaters, but a completely charming and charismatic athlete, who also shows his fans amazing strength of spirit – at the Olympics in Sochi, with asevere back injury, he performed in a team tournament, securing Russia a gold medal, but left distances at the individual stage. On the same day, announced the end of his sports career, but continues to perform with his own show.

Brian joubert
French lone skater, world champion, three-time European champion, winner of the Grand Prix finals, eight-time champion of France and just a handsome man. Joubert loves motorcycles, music, fencing. Engaged in charity work. In 2006, he published his autobiography, Fire on Ice. At 29, at the Olympics in Sochi, Joubert performed two quadruple sheepskin coats. After that, he announced the completion of a sports career.

Peter Chernyshev

Ice skating skater, five-time US champion, two-time winner of the Four Continents championship in ice dancing. His grandfather, also Peter Chernyshev, is a lone skater, four-time champion of the USSR. The younger Peter went to the USA in the 90s, where he trained at an international dance school with Natalya Dubova. In 2003, he completed his career, began to engage in coaching, came to Russia and took part in the show “Dancing on Ice”. Together with partner Julia Kovalchuk became the winner of the project. In 2008, he married Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

Povilas Vanagas

Lithuanian skater, two-time European Championship medalist, World Ice Dance Championship medalist. He performed with Margarita Drobyazko. Five times took part in the Olympics! Vanagas is also familiar to Russians on the television show “Ice Age”, in which he spent all six seasons.

Maxim Trankov
Triumphs of the Sochi Olympics Maxim Trankov and Tatyana Volosozhar in 2014 won two Olympic medals at once, in personal and team competitions. Immediately after this, Trankov and Volosozhar became the first in the ranking of the International Union of Skaters. Maxim Trankov – three-time European champion. In February 2015, the athlete broke the hearts of thousands of fans and announced his engagement to Tatyana Volosozhar.

Stefan Lambiel

Swiss figure skater, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Turin in men’s single skating, two-time world champion. In 2010, Lambiel left amateur sports and began touring with the show, as well as staging programs for young skaters. Collects ladybugs.

Alexey Yagudin
At one time, he was the idol of girlish dreams and the eternal rival of Evgeni Plushenko. Four-time world champion, three-time European champion, two-time winner of the finals of the Grand Prix in figure skating, two-time world champion among professionals and the world champion among juniors. Yagudin has a lot of records: he is the first Olympic champion to complete two jumps in four turns in the program, one of which is in the cascade, and the first winner of the Olympics in the category of “men’s single skating”, who received four marks “6.0” for artistry from the judges. Yagudin is the only four-time world champion in figure skating in Russian history. Now he has completed his amateur career, plays in the theater and cinema, works as a TV presenter. In general, it justifies “6.0” for artistry.

Javier Fernandez

Spanish lone skater. Three-time European champion – the first in the history of Spanish figure skating. Fernandez includes elements of pop culture in his performances – he skated to the soundtracks for the films “The Matrix”, “Mission Impossible”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Godfather”. During one of the rooms portrayed Superman. Incredibly popular in Spain, known throughout the world.

Sergey Grinkov

One of the most tragic stories in Russian figure skating is the story of Sergey Grinkov and Ekaterina Gordeeva. When they first became world champions, Katya was only 14 years old. By the age of 28, Grinkov, along with his wife Gordeeva, won two Olympic gold medals. In 1995, the couple left amateur skating and returned to professional sports. They traveled around the world. But there was a tragedy – Sergey died right on the ice. Heart attack. A year later, Gordeeva returned to the ice as a loner. And she devoted her first speech to Sergey Grinkov. To this day, the Grinkov-Gordeev pair is one of the most beautiful in the history of figure skating.

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