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"Exhausted to death": how Tutberidze drives a Japanese
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Quadruple sheepskin coat, salchow and triple axel. What’s new for Russian juniors learned over the summer

A detailed analysis of control rentals for students of Tutberidze, Panova and other trainers.

In figure skating, the school year begins immediately with a test, in contrast to the comprehensive school. To do this, test rentals are held, where athletes must show not only that they have not forgotten how to ride during the summer and even added, but in what form they are. Indeed, according to the results of the rental, there is a distribution of participants from the Russian team according to the stages of the junior Grand Prix series – more than serious motivation to try, moreover, only 2 weeks are left before the first stage.

what new best skaters of the Russian national team learned during the off-season;
what prevented them from learning more;
how this can affect the balance of power in the season.
An important introductory condition: in the 2019/20120 season, juniors must fulfill the mandatory triple rittberger in the short program (previously it was a triple flip). All other jumps are the choice of a single coaching staff based on the athlete’s capabilities and the desire to score as many points as possible for equipment.

Seven brave Tutberidze
The team of Eteri Tutberidze in control trials was represented by seven athletes: Daniil Samsonov, Egor Rukhin, Georgy Kunitsa, Kamila Valieva, Alena Kanysheva, Daria Usacheva and Maya Khromykh. True, Eteri Georgievna herself was not in Novogorsk – Sergey Dudakov and Daniil Gleichengauz took the ice skaters to the ice.

The main interest that prompted a dozen journalists, photographers and television people to come to the once-chamber closed event “for their own” is to see for themselves what new things the athletes of the most successful coach of the last Olympic cycle learned over the summer. Because a year ago, at the junior rental in the same Novogorsk, Aleksandra Trusova for the first time in the history of women’s single skating performed three quadruple jumps in a free program at once. This time, too, there was reason to wait for new quads (jumps in four turns. – “Match TV”): in the offseason, videos from training sessions with four sheepskin coats performed by Kamila Valieva and Alena Kanysheva appeared.

According to the Hamburg account, only Kamila Valieva has succeeded in demonstrating the complication. She promised the press a quadruple sheepskin coat after a short program – she did it in free. But the main thing, perhaps, is not even that. When Camila skated under the order of the hackneyed composition “Exogenesis” by Muse, it became obvious – a girl with unique plastic that sets her apart from everyone can be given absolutely any musical accompaniment. It will still look like magic precisely thanks to Valieva’s personality.

Alena Kanysheva joined the Tutberidze group in the spring, and a month later she showed the first four-piece sheepskin coat in training. Alena admitted in an interview that she began to learn the quadruple salchow from Svetlana Panova, but upon arrival at Khrustalny it was decided at the coaching council to give priority to the sheepskin coat.

At the box office, Kanysheva didn’t show a quadruple sheepskin coat, although she told reporters that there is a jump and it is in working condition. It’s all about the injury that prevented the athlete from training a stable performance of the sheepskin coat. The coaches did not take any chances and chose a strategy of pure hire with triple jumps.

Egor Rukhin, who performed the quadruple salchow with varying degrees of success last season, did not jump him this time either. The skater himself explained the reason by the fact that the free play was completed one and a half weeks before the rental – there was simply no time for rolling the whole program with the quadruple salchow.

The question with an edge on the flip remains open – last season the judges rated it as correct, then as obscure and even incorrect, on which Egor lost from a few tenths to two points in the final assessment. At the box office, Rukhin made a flip confidently, but the angle of shooting does not allow judging the fidelity of the rib yet.

As for Maya Khromykh and Daria Usacheva, their hopping plans for the season are still not known for certain. But judging by the arrangement of jumps that has not changed since last year in Maya’s free program, the option with quadruples and triple axels is not considered for her now.

Daria has some changes. Instead of a solo lutz, her arbitrary now begins with a double axel – it can be assumed that in its place in the future it is thought to be a triple.

Last season, Daniil Samsonov won the Russian Junior Championship, the Asian Children international tournament, the Moscow Cup and the Moscow Open Championship. An important role in this was played by the quadruple Lutz. At the box office, Samsonov showed a brisk short program and could not cope with an arbitrary one – he unpleasantly fell from the triple axel and made a mistake on the fourth lutz. According to Daniel, other jumps of 4 turns in his process, and can be added to the program during the season depending on the form and readiness.

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