The best costumes of the skaters in the Olympic season
A tremendous amount of work has been done with Gracie Gold this season. This work and the appearance of the skater did not pass by. Since her first appearance this…

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Evgenia Tarasova
Although the competitions in figure skating are filled with tenderness and romance, and the participants seem weightless nymphs who soar above the ice, the backstage of this sport is amazing.…

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Who judges the skaters, where the referees are trained, and what influences their decisions. Figure skating
They get a penny, dance on a pole and endure threats. “SE” answers the eternal question “Who are the judges?” This season, judges in figure skating are some of the…

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Evgenia Medvedeva: moving to Canada was the sharpest turn in my life

The Moscow stage of the Grand Prix in figure skating was marked by many achievements – the Russians were the first in all kinds of programs, and some of them made personal records at the tournament. But one of the highlights of the tournament was the successful performance of the silver medalist of the Olympic Games – 2018, two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva, who six months after the Games decided to move to Canada and begin cooperation with the famous coach Brian Orser.

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Brian Orser: skater Medvedev skates with a certain promise
The athlete was harassed for a long time by failures, some experts began to write off the figure skater. Medvedev herself continued to work. After the stage in Moscow, in an interview with TASS, Eugenia spoke about the nuances of life in Canada, about her work with Orser, Tracy Wilson and choreographer She-Lynn Bourne, her changed attitude to the silver of the Games, her fears and plans for her upcoming birthday.

– Zhenya, soon is your birthday. How do you plan to celebrate the 20th anniversary?

– There was an idea to go with friends to a restaurant, or to a movie, or just go for a walk, or go to some club, but I realized that all this could turn into a photo shoot, and not a birthday. In the end, we decided – we’ll rent a room with our friends and just spend this day together, chatting, having fun, listening to music, eating pizza. And yes, in anticipation of your question, I will say – I love tasty and unhealthy food.

– A classic pizza pajama party?

– Exactly. Favorite Pizza – Four Cheeses. How delicious it is! True, here is one piece – this is already a half-day norm of calorific value.

“And then back to Canada?”

– Yes, on November 20 I’m flying back.

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Skater Dmitry Aliyev: after the boiling point he was able to find inner harmony
– After a short program at the Moscow Grand Prix in the mix zone, I asked you a question about how long you intend to continue working in Canada. Your answer is “As long as your legs move, while your arms move.” I even asked again, if you remember.

– The fact is that I found my place. With its difficulties and difficulties, but Toronto is really the place where I would like to work until the end of my career in women’s single skating.

– What next?

– I have many ways, many ideas. In my head there is no emptiness in this regard. There is plan A, plan B, depending on how it goes on. I’m thinking about the future, but as they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. I don’t have that – “I don’t know what I will do after sports.” I know what, and I will do more than now.

– Here, in Moscow, I heard a phrase from you: “Figure skating is my job.” But it was not always like that.

– It’s true. But let’s be honest. Now I live in Canada, and most of it – more precisely, most of the costs from my prize money are open amounts, everyone can see them on the website of the International Union of Skaters – I spend on accommodation, food, ice, and coaches. Everything is scheduled. So yes – this is my job.

Many people, by the way, ask me a question: “Eugene, you were third at the World Cup – it’s such money! Why don’t you allow yourself to go to Louis Vuitton or Chanel?” But my main clothes are still black leggings and a training jacket. I’d rather spend what I really need.

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Four out of four. Russian skaters collected all the gold of the Moscow Grand Prix
– Often I recall our interview in Marseille after the Grand Prix finals. Then she asked you what you cannot live without in this life. The answer then shocked me, of course: “I will never go out without makeup and manicure.” The manicure is in place, I see. But outwardly you are completely different – a minimum of makeup.

– In Marseille, if you remember, I had healthy eyelashes, eyeliner. But now I like myself more. And yet, yes, without makeup, I do not show up, I just try to emphasize my facial features. And before that I changed them all the time – the shape of the eyebrows, the shape of the eyes with arrows “to the ears.” Now, for me, the foundation is basic care – creams, masks, peels.

– Let me guess – Japanese or Korean?

– And here is no, do not believe. They do not fit my skin, she does not accept them. So I’m nevertheless closer to European brands, only this year I realized that.

– Are there any female “Wishlist” that you promise yourself in the future?

“You know, there is a Yorkdale mall in Toronto.” There is an avenue of boutiques. So sometimes I walk, look around and think: “Well, what dresses are beautiful!” And then – “so what will I do with them, where will I go to them?” I just have two routes: the house – “Toronto Cricket Club” (training center, where it deals – approx. TASS) or “Toronto Cricket Club” – the house. That’s it, I don’t go anywhere else. So just admire, that’s all.

– Is it expensive to live in Canada?

– Not complaining.

– They didn’t think, but what would happen if they didn’t decide after the Olympics to fly to Canada?

– I can’t even imagine it. True. Basically, I considered one way. More precisely, two – either finish everything, or leave for Canada. Decided in favor of Canada.

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