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“You killed her.” Why did the Petersburgers have to go to the World Cup, and Medvedev is going

The crime is committed. One “little girl” was killed. But the Russian Figure Skating Federation believes that everything is fair. The Fontanka Sports Department talks about a high-profile scandal in Russian sports that hit Petersburgers – Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Stanislav Konstantinova.

“You killed her.” Why did the Petersburgers have to go to the World Cup, and Medvedev is going

In its cruelty in world sport, little can be compared with Russian women’s figure skating. Here they put glass in their skates, fans wish the experts who criticize their idols death. But the murder came for the first time. They killed a little girl. The crime was reported by St. Petersburg skater Elizabeth Tuktamysheva, commenting on the choice of composition for the World Cup in Japan, which will be held from March 18 to 24.

“Inside me was still a little girl who naively believed. You killed her. But I’m a fighter, so I’ll be back, ”Tuktamysheva tweeted on February 27th.

Tuktamysheva 22 years old – an old woman by the standards of her sport. Now nobody cares about such people. On the pedestal are young girls who, thanks to bodies that have not yet been fully formed, are capable of more complex elements, but which quickly go into circulation.

Once Elizabeth herself was like that, but she was lucky with the coach. Together with Alexei Mishin, the girl was able to survive the puberty, injuries and a feeling of complete hopelessness. Before her, from the newest generation of skaters, nothing similar happened to anyone. Julia Lipnitskaya and Adelina Sotnikova got their moment of fame and disappeared.

Now trying to break the tradition of Eugene Medvedev. Not very convincing yet, but too much has been invested in it. The Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) pays for the silver medalist of the 2018 Olympic Games accommodation in Canada and all round-trip flights. Medvedev herself allegedly pays for training with a Canadian specialist Brian Orser, since the FFKKR does not have the right to spend money on paying for a foreign specialist. However, as President of the Federation Alexander Gorshkov said: “You know, this whole situation is being resolved.”

In addition to material support, Medvedeva provided the perfect PR. Almost immediately after the failure in the Russian championship (seventh place), Minister of Sports Kolobkov met with her, as reported in all official social networks of the department, Honored Trainer of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova called the decision not to send Medvedev to the European Championship “unfair to the girl who made history ”, And Ilya Averbukh, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, expressed confidence that the failures were due to the fact that Eugene“ threw all her strength into preparing for the World Cup ”.

It is all the more surprising that Medvedeva did not appear in the preliminary composition for the World Cup. Nevertheless, it was immediately reported that the regulation allows you to make replacements almost until the last moment, that is, the start of the tournament. Honorary President of the Federation Valentin Piseev, who, despite his “honorable” status, is still one of the most powerful people in Russian figure skating, has openly expressed support for the 2018 Phenchkhan medalist.

“If Evgenia Medvedeva confidently performs in the Cup, I have no doubt that she needs to be sent to the championship,” he said a week ago. Confident skating Medvedeva in the Cup of Russia just can not be called. She fell in the free program, her elements were weaker than that of Tuktamysheva. Anyway, there are questions for refereeing in the Cup.

As our colleagues from Sports.ru considered, the rental of Medvedeva in random with a fall after the Rittberger received 6.09 points more equipment and 3.84 points more components than rental with a similar set of elements on Skate Canada. Although Medvedev skated arbitrary on Skate Canada without falls.

This season, Tuktamysheva has a more stable result, a more complicated program, in principle, higher marks for performances. But she doesn’t ride, but the man who became the best at the only start for the entire season. It is as if the Russian national football team for the 2018 World Cup were recruited based on the results of the final 30th round of the Premier League.

Even another Petersburger, Stanislava Konstantinova, who was eventually replaced by Medvedev, had more reason to go to Japan. On account of Konstantinova this season, fourth place in the European and Russian Championships, silver at the World Grand Prix stage. But according to the Federation of Figure Skating – everything is fair.

“Read what I said before the Cup of Russia,” Piseev told Fontanka by telephone. “I won’t tell you anything else.” Before the start of the competition, I expressed my opinion and have not changed it since then.

Most honored skaters supported the decision of the Federation. And only a few, mainly from St. Petersburg, did not agree with him, or at least allowed themselves to express doubts.

“Personally, it seems strange to me that this final of the Russian Cup decided everything,” admitted silver medalist of the World Cup Alena Leonova. – Given Lysina’s merits throughout the season, stable riding, a triple axel in the arsenal, I expected a different outcome.

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