Legends of Russian figure skating
Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov. Two-time Olympic champions, four-time world and European champions, six-time USSR champions. It was Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov who became the founders of the wonderful…

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150 shades of gray. Amazing figure skating records
January 20, 2006, the Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya for the first time in her life woke up an outstanding record holder. The day before, she won the European Championships…

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Men on ice: our collection of the sexiest skaters in the world
Figure skating is perhaps the most beautiful sport. A lot has been written about the beauty of the skaters. And we made the top sexiest men on ice. Michal Brzezina…

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The best costumes of the skaters in the Olympic season

A tremendous amount of work has been done with Gracie Gold this season. This work and the appearance of the skater did not pass by. Since her first appearance this season, she has been creating the image of a “golden” girl with her whole appearance and really looked like a champion. Her first short program to Gershwin’s music was probably too bold and non-standard, well, at least too non-standard for the Olympic season. But there was definitely something about her. And the costume for this program was perfectly matched. This dress is an example of how you can combine fabrics of different colors, but at the same time to make it look expensive and modern. The main idea of ​​the dress is asymmetry. What you need for such an unusual program. The dress is simply strewn with crystals of various sizes, but at the box office you do not particularly notice them – they add shine, but you do not concentrate on them. Those. decorated NOT on the principle of “pay attention to how bohato everything looks.” The only place where the trim attracts attention is on the sleeve. But this is done very effectively to maintain a balance between a closed and an open hand. I also want to say about this image as a whole, and not just about the dress, and note the beautiful hairstyle and black earrings that fit perfectly into the overall ensemble!

Gracie Gold

And then there was a change of program and of course a change of costume. This time we see Gracie in a more classic and elegant outfit of a deep dark red hue. This dress evokes two associations at once: a red carpet dress and a small copy of a 19th-century ball gown. I especially like the top of the dress. This stone-cut neckline looks very elegant and sexy at the same time. But in it all in moderation. Dress with chic and gloss.

Gracie Gold

Beautiful princess in a web of dark curse

And although Gracie did not change her free program, there were several costumes too. And I was impressed by both. Well, the princess, even if sleeping, should have a decent outfit! I like that they did not sew too girlish dress in soft pink color with a bunch of flowers and frills. Gracie’s costumes look very stylish and modern. The main decoration of the soft lilac dress was definitely decoration. She reminded me of a cobweb. Well, a beautiful princess in a web of dark curse – a great idea! The decoration is located not only on the shoulders and bodice of the dress, but also passes to the back – it looks very impressive!

Then, for the US National Championship, Gracie changed her pink-lilac dress to blue. This shift amused me a bit, I immediately remembered the Disney cartoon, in which the fairies could not agree on what kind of dress Aurora should have pink or blue.

oops …

And then we saw on Gracie a truly luxurious blue dress.

Gracie Gold Dress for the Real Princess

Needless to say, the dress turned out to be unrealistically beautiful! There are echoes of the princess in this dress – imitation of a corsage with a cut-out heart and gloss of Old Hollywood. I really like the idea of ​​covering my arms, shoulders and back with a thin mesh with a blue gradient. This allowed us to come up with more interesting details than just an open back. And although there were a lot of finishes, but it was correctly distributed. The dress turned out equally luxurious both front and back! Great job designer Brad Griffies!

This season, the girls looked simply gorgeous and it was very difficult to somehow distribute them in places. My will I would give everyone victory! But then the meaning of the rating would be lost))

And now the heading “What was it” or “Take it off immediately.” Oddly enough, this season is crowded here. Apparently, everyone was afraid to look unforgettable and …. overdid it.

May Berenice Meite

Oh …. there would be a cool suit, but without that the wide shoulders and back are still and are emphasized by a light trim from rhinestones

Victoria Helgesson

Victoria always had such equally boring, but pretty dresses … and here on you – leather and feathers!

Adeline Sotnikova

I already said – I still could not find any decent words to describe what I think about this “dress”

Adeline Sotnikova

And again, the holes, this time opening part of the “panties” of the swimsuit. With such designers and enemies do not! Well, how could you dress such a beautiful girl into this misunderstanding ?!

Costume “I am a leaf.” It started in the early 90s ….

Elena Radionova

Who had the idea that the riot of rags is beautiful ?! Yes, what is it, really, for the whole Russian team there was no decent designer ?! And it is strange that such a disaster with costumes is for singles.

Anna Pogorilaya

Girls, believe me a costume made of fabric flaps sewn onto a mesh – it’s not stylish, not fashionable and “don’t wear for so long!” Such costumes at one time were popular among gymnasts, artists (somewhere in the mid 90s) Let’s finally forget them.

Carolina Costner

Carolina, I’m right in shock …. a transparent swimsuit and a curtain are very strong

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