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2018 World Figure Skating Championships

Nightmare! Zagitova fell three times and was left without a medal
Both Zagitova and Costner broke under the pressure of golden prospects and did not even get into medals. The new world champion is Caitlin Osmond from Canada.
The results of the women’s free program at the World Cup were shocking – and this is not an exaggeration. Fans of the national teams of Russia and Italy in horror – Carolina Kostner and Alina Zagitova could not stand the fight for gold and retreated, having made mistakes.

Referees – Referees
But first of all – about ice dancing, which at the World Cup in Milan started only on Friday. Russia was represented by two couples: Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin and Tiffany Zagorski / Jonathan Gureiro. Their performances in the short dance turned out to be different, and the result is almost the same – seventh and eighth places. Zagorski and Gureyro skated their dance well and were satisfied with the judges’ ratings. “The judges awarded us,” Zagorski shared her emotions after her rental. Stepanova, however, remained of the completely opposite opinion. “We did not understand why we were given points in a short dance,” she told the press service of the Russian Figure Skating Federation. Obviously, the judges considered one of the elements in the couple’s program unnecessary and reset it to zero. Fair or not, remains to be seen.

And other pairs came to the fore in ice dancing. Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Sizeron in the absence of their competitors from Canada, who won the fight at the Olympics, could feel not even comfortable, but absolutely free. Not a drop of excitement, not a shadow of doubt – and here it is, a new world record in a short dance – 83.73. The closest competitors to the French were Hubbel and Donoghue from the United States. But to argue that the intrigue in the fight for first place at the World Cup in Milan is still alive, perhaps even the last American optimist will not risk it.

Three falls. Failure
From the density of spectators in the stands of the arena in Milan, it was clear what all the fans of figure skating in the world were waiting for. As the girls approached the climax, the performances of the stands gradually filled up, and by the last warm-up there were no empty seats in the hall. The last warm-up, of course, included the performance of more than two skaters. However, neither Miyahara, nor Sotskova, were able to create a miracle on ice. Sotskova’s mistake completely threw her beyond the pedestal, and therefore, before the two final rentals, Canadian Caitlin Osmond, who was already trying on bronze, remained in first place.

And then Alina Zagitova stepped onto the ice. Everyone is well aware that the most difficult arbitrary 15-year-old Olympic champion is her trump card. Therefore, Alina’s minimal gap with Carolina Costner did not bother anyone – most experts considered the Russian figure skater to be the main contender for gold. However, what happened next shocked me.

Alina could not stand the pressure. Three falls. Complete failure. Nightmare.

She cried when she left the ice, and finally burst into tears beyond it. And Alina’s feelings were understandable. She tried at the end to catch up with the elements spoiled by the falls, steadfastly fought for points and showed incredibly courage, sometimes not even characteristic of great champions among men. But that was not enough. The technical score – 62.34, unattainable for 99 percent of the world’s skaters, was a failure for the champion and knocked out not only from the fight for gold – but deprived him of the medal!

Oh my god Carolina!
Some Italian spectators, of whom there were a majority in the stands, hardly restrained smiles. Here it is – the beaten track to the gold of the World Cup for their favorite Carolina Costner.
Just Special. Why Zagitova’s victory at the World Cup will not make her great
If Alina Zagitova wins the World Cup, she will become special. But the grandeur of Sonya Henny, Carolina Costner and even Irina Slutskaya is far from her.
But to ride after the failure of the main rival is not easier than after her brilliant record. Carolina started great, but probably having believed in her championship in advance, in the middle of an imperfect program she collapsed onto the ice. Given the lack of ultra-si elements and numerous blots in her program, this was a verdict. Technical score – 54.71 points – this is at the level of Finnish Lindfords and Korean Kim, not sparing the strength of those who fought for 15th place. Of course, the judges did not stint for Costner on the components, but what’s the point? Fifth place in the free program and fourth in the world championship. “Oh my God, Carolina!” – read lips. And if Zagitova still has chances, then Costner might not have it.

And who climbed the pedestal? Caitlin Osmond from Canada, who skipped the program is not perfect, but who waited for the elimination of competitors, received gold. Wakaba Higuchi earned a silver medal, Satoko Miyahara – a bronze.

Nobody expected such drama at the World Cup.

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