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Famous Russian skaters, Olympic champions

Figure skating today is one of the most popular sports in the world, attracting more and more children – future champions, as well as interesting and beautiful to watch on TV or on an ice rink.

The emergence of figure skating
The first skates on iron runners appeared in the Netherlands in the 13-14 centuries, so it is she who is considered the founder of figure skating.

After the appearance of skates of a fundamentally new type, popularity also came, which incredibly contributed to the rapid development of this sport, which in those days was reduced to drawing various figures on ice and not losing a beautiful pose.

The first set of rules on figure skating was released in England in 1772 and was called The Treatise on Ice Skating. It described all the main figures known at that time. Thus, the United Kingdom secured the authorship of all the mandatory figures in figure skating. In addition, in 1742, the first skating clubs appeared here, official rules for conducting competitions were developed and approved.

Sports historians unanimously recognize the American Jason Heinz as the founder of the modern style of figure skating. It was he who played the main role in its distribution throughout the world, and, in particular, in Russia.

Figure Skating Development in Russia
In the Russian Empire, figure skating was very popular even during the time of Peter I, who brought the first samples of skates from Europe. It is noteworthy that the Russian emperor was the first to come up with the idea of ​​attaching skates directly to shoes and, in fact, creating a prototype of modern skates.

The first Russian manual for skaters was published in 1838 in St. Petersburg and was called “Winter Fun and the Art of Skating”, compiled by the gymnastics teacher of the military educational institution G.M. Pauli.

Figure skating itself appeared in Russia in 1865, and at the same time the first skating rink was opened in the Yusupov Garden in St. Petersburg. At that time, he was the most comfortable in all of Russia and immediately became a platform for the professional training of skaters. And in 1878 the first competition was held among Russian athletes.

The first Russian and Soviet skaters
The first skaters of Russia began to appear at the end of the 19th century. A.P. became a pioneer who took part in international competitions. Lebedev, who was a lawyer by training.

Nikolai Poduskov became a participant in the first official competition, which was held in 1896, and took 4th place in ice skating alone, but took the last place at the Russian Open Championship in 1901.

George Sanders, taking part in the same competitions as Poduskov, took 3rd place, becoming a bronze medalist. In addition, he was the first to perform complex figures, the author of which was, which in turn helped another famous Russian figure skater, Nikolai Panin, who performed them at the 1908 Olympics in London, win the first Olympic gold medal for Russia. Russian figure skaters

Of the Soviet champions who won the highest awards in various competitions in figure skating, the most famous are Sergey Chetverukhin (silver at the Sapporo Olympics, bronze at the 1971 world championships, silver at the world championships in Calgary (1972) and Bratislava (1973) and bronze at the European championships in 1969 year) and Sergey Volkov (in 1975 – world champion, champion of the USSR in 1974 and 1976).

Famous Russian men figure skaters in single skating
Famous Russian skaters have repeatedly become champions and won prizes in various tournaments – from the Olympic Games to championships of various levels, Grand Prix and Cups.

One of the first best figure skaters in Russia was Alexei Urmanov, a multiple winner and champion of the USSR, Russia and European champion, Olympic champion in 1994.

At the 1998 Olympics, Russia again won the gold medal in men’s individual skating, which was won by Ilya Kulik. In addition to the highest Olympic award, in the arsenal of this famous Russian skater is the “gold” of the Russian championship, “silver” and “bronze” of the world and European championships.

One of the most famous and best athletes in Russia is Alexei Yagudin, who has the athlete’s main award – the “gold” of the 2002 Olympics. He is a multiple champion of Europe and the world, the winner of the finals of the Grand Prix in figure

No less famous is the young lone skater Maxim Kovtun, who has several serious victories. He is a three-time winner of the Russian championship, took the “silver” at the European Championship 2015.

The most famous and titled figure skater in Russia and around the world is Evgeni Plushenko. He is the owner of the gold medals of two Olympics (2006 – in singles, 2014 – in team skating), twice took the “silver” of the Olympic Games. Plushenko won the world title 3 times, seven times the European champion and 10 times the Russian championship. He also has many other awards and titles. The best skaters of Russia

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