"You killed her." Why did the Petersburgers have to go to the World Cup, and Medvedev is going
The crime is committed. One “little girl” was killed. But the Russian Figure Skating Federation believes that everything is fair. The Fontanka Sports Department talks about a high-profile scandal in…

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Flip and axel
Flip. Translated from English - “click”. In English it is sometimes called “toe salchow,” that is, “dental salchow,” but this is not true. The closest to the denticular flip is…

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Maria Sotskova
At first, Masha Sotskova, as she said, did not like boring routine exercises, but when the jumps started, it became interesting. And the sports competition completely conquered the little skater.…

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The best Russian skaters of the last four years (and what happened to them)

the 2013/14 season she won both the qualifying stages of the Grand Prix, became the second in the final, and then impressed everyone with a magnificent victory at the European Championship. At the Games in Sochi, she won first places in both programs of the team tournament and made the maximum contribution to the Olympic triumph of the Russian team.

A fall

Sochi-2014 already performed much weaker in the personal tournament than in the team tournament: only 5th place. And for the next three seasons, she did not win a single major tournament and never even got into the national team at the European Championship or World Cup. Last summer, she completed her career at the age of 19.

Adeline Sotnikova

Date of birth: 1.07.1996

Takeoff (16-17 years, 2 incomplete seasons)

Before the Games in Sochi, she announced herself at the 2013 European Championship, where she took silver. The next season, she beat Lipnitskaya in the national championship, because she lost to her in the championship of the continent, and, finally, in a stubborn fight with the Korean, Yu Na Kim won the gold of a personal Olympic tournament.

A fall

After Sochi 2014, I really didn’t perform anywhere, if you do not take into account various shows (including TV). In the season 2015/16 she still tried to return, having skated one stage of the Grand Prix and the Russian Championship (6th place), but that attempt is still the last. Although the end of her career, Sotnikova still did not announce. Last year, she switched from former coach Elena Buyanova to Evgeni Plushenko.
Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Date of birth: 12/17/1996

Takeoff (17-18 years, 1 season)

She took the baton from Lipnitskaya and Sotnikova, in the 2014/15 season, winning all the major international tournaments – the Grand Prix finals, European Championships and World Championships. She won primarily due to jumps, which included a unique triple axel.

A fall

Unlike Lipnitskaya and Sotnikova, she never stopped performing, but over the past three years she has never made it to the Grand Prix finals or to the national team at the European Championship or World Cup. She is still training with the famous Alexei Mishin and leaves no hope to once again perform her famous axel in competitions.


Date of birth: 6.01.1999

Takeoff (15-17 years, 2 incomplete seasons)

After Sochi, she seriously tried to fight for leadership in the national team: first with Tuktamysheva, whom she defeated in the Russian Championship, but lost in the European Championship and World Cup (silver and bronze, respectively), and then with Evgenia Medvedeva. In 2015, Radionova even outstripped Medvedev at the Moscow Grand Prix stage, although she still became third in the final and second in the continental championship.

A fall

Since the fall of 2016, Radionova’s results have clearly declined. It was then that she reached the Grand Prix final for the last time (6th place out of six participants), and since then she has never represented the country at the European Championship and World Cup. Although he continues to fight for a “place in the sun”, like Tuktamysheva, moreover, more successfully.


Date of birth: 11/19/1999

Take-off (15-18 years, 2 plus-seasons)

She came to “adult” skating in the fall of 2015 and in two years won twice all the major titles (Grand Prix, World and European Championships), simultaneously taking over all world records. Brought female single skating to a fundamentally new level.

A fall

This season began as confidently as the previous ones, winning both qualifiers of the Grand Prix. But then, due to an injury (a crack in the bone of the foot), she was forced to miss the final of this series and the national championship. And, having returned to the ice, she lost the European Championship and the Olympics to Alina Zagitova. Then she starred with the World Cup in order to properly “heal” a damaged leg.


Date of birth: 04/10/1998

Takeoff (17-18 years, 2 incomplete seasons)

At first it was in the shadow of more successful compatriots (see above) and did not differ in stability, but by 2016 it gradually reached the status of the second (after Medvedeva) “number” of the national team: in the spring it became the bronze medalist of the World Cup, in the next season took the European Championship silver and like I would have every chance to get to the Games in Pyeongchang …

A fall

Unfortunately, the very first (Canadian) stage of the “Grand Prix” -2017/18 turned into a series of falls for Pogoriloy, just like in the “old-bad” times. Ninth place and, even worse, a back injury, because of which the skater withdrew from the series, and then from the Russian championship, preferring to finish the season ahead of schedule.


Date of birth: May 18, 2002

Takeoff (15 years, 1 incomplete season)

As swiftly as Medvedev broke into the “adult” skating last fall, having won all the tournaments: the Grand Prix, the European Championship and the Olympics. She surpassed Medvedev first in the Moscow championship of the continent, and then in Pyeongchang, having taken one world record (in the short program) from that one. I was struck by the whole world with a complex free program, where all seven jumping elements are executed in the second half.

A fall

At the post-Olympic World Cup 2018, she fell three times in the free program and took only fifth place. Before, nothing like this had happened to Zagitova.

Evgenia Tarasova
Although the competitions in figure skating are filled with tenderness and romance, and the participants seem weightless nymphs who soar above the ice, the backstage of this sport is amazing.…


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