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Vanessa James and Morgan Sipre skated their free hand at the 2019 World Team Championship in a single rush and won

Yes, it happens. If you have not seen the powerful free program of the gorgeous French couple Vanessa James-Morgan Sipre, be sure to check it out. This rental was the last of the season. Next year, skaters will definitely change the program.

But exactly the same thing can be said about the Russian couple, thin, lyrical and soulful. Natalia Zabiyako and Alexander Enbert. More recently, no one set them, they were considered the third number of the team. But, it can be said, skaters, having changed partners and partners, having experienced injuries and disbelief in themselves, found each other. Today, this is a gorgeous couple who performed the song “You and I” by Igor Krutoy in an arbitrary way so that goosebumps. And the voice of Dmitry Hvorostovsky.

Natalia Zabiyako and Alexander Enbert: team world championship, couples, free program.

Vanessa and Morgan won the competition with a personal record – 151, 5 and this is the second result in the world. They brought 12 points to the French team. Natalia and Alexander in our piggy bank – 11, gaining more than 141 points. Not the best result, double salchow instead of triple. But this does not spoil the experience. After a short one, it was exactly the opposite. Get even. This will not change the position of our team – if the Japanese women suddenly do not give up, both of them will be the third team. This is for sure.

For Vanessa James and Morgan Sipre (let’s pay tribute to the French), these starts were significant. Leading the season, won the European Championship, but lost the World Cup. And they didn’t just lose, but, filling up a short one, ended up fifth. Here is what Vanessa wrote on her Instagram about this:
Vanessa James and Morgan Sipre: Free program, couples, 2019 Japan Team World Championship; French Vanessa James and Morgan Sipre win a free program as part of the Japan Figure Skating Team World Championship! For their rental, the French duet received 152.52 points from the judges, setting their personal best. Second place in the account of Russian figure skaters Natalya Zabiyako and Alexander Enbert, their result was 141.32 points. Team classification (according to the results of seven out of eight programs): 1. USA 99 points2. Japan 86 points 3. Russia 81 points

“Now I can finally say thank you! Thanks to Japan, thanks to all competitors and all fans for making this World Cup such an amazing experience. I must say that it did not work out as we planned, but we have no regrets! Plus hi … we decided to stay a little longer !! Oh yeah!! 2019/2020 Get Ready! We are going.”

This means that the French will compete with our couples in the next season.

Canadians Kirsten Moore Towers – Michael Marinaro became the third.

As for the other participants in the program, the Canadians, Kirsten Moore Towers – Michael Marinaro (Canada) switched places with Italians, thanks to the excellent rental they moved to third place. Ashley Kane and Timothy Leduc from America shone with American smiles, becoming fifth. Although, in order to lose to the weak Japanese couple, they had to try hard.

However, Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova, our famous coach, commenting on the competition, did not accidentally note that the Japanese created a couple, and not one. And if the Japanese get down to business, then seriously. They will invite Russian, American, Chinese trainers. They will work, there will be results.

Now our girls go to the start. In the short, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva perfectly skated. We are waiting for her exit.

Team classification (based on seven out of eight programs): 1. USA 99 points 2. Japan 86 points 3. Russia 81 points

World Team Championship, pairs, free program

Final Results Table

1. Vanessa James – Morgan Sipre (France) – 12 points

2.Natalya Zabiyako – Alexander Enbert (Russia) – 11 points

3. Kirsten Moore Towers – Michael Marinaro (Canada) – 10 points

4. Nicole Della Monica – Matteo Guarise (Italy) – 9 points

5. Ashley Kane – Timothy LeDuc (USA) – 8 points

6. Riku Miura – Soya Ichihashi (Japan) – 7 points

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