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Mikhail Kolyada

About five years ago, only a narrow circle of specialists knew about Mikhail Kolyada, and there was a little more circle of fans. Now the young figure skater is the hope of domestic male figure skating and a worthy contender for world podiums.

Childhood and youth
The future skater was born February 18, 1995 in the suburbs of St. Petersburg – Kolpino. Mikhail is the eldest son in the family, he has two sisters and a brother, who had to be looked after, so he can do everything at home. One of the sisters was also interested in figure skating, but then her parents could not take her daughter to classes.

The Kolyada family loved sports: mom was fond of skiing, father was engaged in hand-to-hand combat and karting. The head of the family planned to send the eldest son to the wrestling section, but managed to realize the dream with the younger.

A five-year-old Misha was brought to the rink by her mother, a figure skating fan, but not with the goal of raising a champion, but simply to maintain her health. The skater is loyal to his first coach Valentina Chebotareva even now, such constancy is almost an isolated case.

Mikhail’s sports biography was not easy: working out each element took a lot of energy, and the guy’s character was not sugar.

This is now Michael – an example of restraint and composure, and he likes training much more than competitions, and on the way of becoming as a skater he could have kicked and slammed the door. The young man did not understand what to do in figure skating, and four times he tried to completely leave the rink. Only Chebotareva knows what efforts it took to grow a star, and according to the figure skater, in the place of a coach, he would have kicked himself out. No wonder the children of Valentina Mikhailovna say that as if three sons were growing up in the family, and Mikhail is the beloved.

Figure skating
Mikhail made his debut on professional ice in the 2005-2006 season – he took fifth place in his age group at the Russian Championship. In 2008, he already participated in the Russian Cup, a year later he won the Novice Boys category at the Tallinn Trophy in Estonia, won a bronze medal at the 2010 St. Petersburg Championship.

In 2010, Kolyada received an award for first place in the group at the Nikolai Panin Memorial, and won the junior category in two stages of the Russian Cup. Mikhail competed in the same group with future teammates Maxim Kovtun and Stanislav Kovalev. A year later, the skater participated in the qualifying competitions for the junior world championships, in the final of the Cup of Russia he stopped a step away from the podium. Then Mikhail spoke at the first junior Australian Grand Prix in history, where he took 4th place, won first place in the group in the final of the Cup of Russia and third in the Youth Spartakiad.

Season 2012-2013 was successful for a young athlete. Kolyada excelled in two stages of the Cup of Russia and the N. Panin Memorial, won silver at the Cup of his native city, Russia and the Volvo Open Cup in Riga, finished with the sixth result at the junior grand prix in France. In 2013, Mikhail first made it to the Junior World Cup and loudly declared himself, because even with sixth place he was ahead of his colleagues from Europe.

The following season, Kolyada continued to storm the pedestals. The skater won bronze at the Grand Prix in Slovakia and at the Gardena Spring Trophy in Italy, silver – at the Grand Prix in Estonia and two stages of the Russian Cup, gold – at the first adult Dragon Trophy championship in Slovenia.

In 2014, during a training session, Mikhail drove into a pothole on ice and suffered a serious injury – an ankle fracture, so he could not participate in the qualifying competitions for the European Championship. Such injuries call into question his future career, but Kolyada left on the ice within a month. In the new season, the skater has submitted to the podiums of the stages of the Cups of St. Petersburg and Russia, the Memorials of Ondrei Nepela and Nikolai Panin, the Austrian Ice Challenge.

The silver medal of the national championship opened the way for Mikhail to the rinks of European and world championships. In the championship of the continent, the figure skater took 5th place in the overall standings, and in the debut world championship – a sensational fourth place, while surpassing previous sports achievements. It is worth saying that only the “bison” of world figure skating Jin Boyan, Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernandez were ahead of Kolyada, that is, the theoretically final alignment of the standings did not have a chance. The Russian skater managed to prove the opposite.

Mikhail was preparing for the World Cup in America together with a group of Nina Moser, the skater always admired the performance and confidence of her athletes. The incentive for further mood was the hire of Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov. Kolyada’s performance with not the richest program caused a storm of enthusiastic responses both among ordinary fans and in the camp of professionals. The last thing that struck my eyes was absolute detachment, even a certain trance state with which Mikhail left the ice.

The following season, Mikhail fulfilled the dream of coach Valentina Chebotareva to raise the country’s champion. Even the advertisement that turned on during the free program did not break the mood for victory.

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