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“Exhausted to death”: how Tutberidze drives a Japanese

The Japanese skater Shoma Uno has been training for several weeks in a group with Russian specialist Eteri Tutberidze at a base in Novogorsk. Other athletes from Khrustalny are delighted with the arrival of the Japanese, but he himself suffers from food and is exhausting. “Gazeta.Ru” – about how the two-time vice world champion settled down in Russia.

The team of the Russian coach Eteri Tutberidze this summer was excited by the news of the arrival of the Japanese soloist Shoma Uno at the summer training camp in Novogorsk. Two-time vice world champion announced the termination of employment with Matiko Yamada and Mihoko Higuchi, who actually put him on skates, at the end of the season.

The Japanese decided to try his hand at Europe, where he had never traveled. And Russia became the first point – for several weeks the Japanese have been training with Tutberidze. While the work is given to him with difficulty.

In the “Crystal” skaters took Uno’s arrival with enthusiasm – after all, the star of Japan. Photographed with a famous athlete, it seems, all the athletes from the Tutberidze group. In social networks, by the way, they laughed at the pictures in which Shoma looked like a mannequin. In other words, on the face of the Japanese great joy is not visible.

Frankly speaking, there are no reasons for this. The brother of the silver medalist at the Pyeongchang Olympic Games Itsuki Uno regularly writes about Shoma on his twitter. It turned out that the Japanese practically do not eat anything in Moscow. Apparently, the Japanese food is unusual for the Japanese, but this is not the main problem. Uno had never known such loads as Tutberidze’s. Therefore, in all the photos and videos, he looks really tortured, and not just modest.

“I heard that Shoma in Russia is exhausted every day to death. And still he cannot eat. I wonder what he eats? ”

– wrote Itsuki Uno.

However, exhausting workouts are bearing fruit. For example, the young queen of quads, Alexander Trusov, taught the Japanese his signature technique – parallel cantilever. The video that Tutberidza’s student posted on Instagram is really impressive.

It must be assumed that the period of Shoma adaptation has already passed. Especially when more older guys joined the training – in particular, Olympic champion Alina Zagitova.

Together with Maurice Kvitelashvili, they even made an “army” selfie with Uno, wearing a hat with earflaps on the Japanese.

By the way, in Russia, Shoma has already received the nickname – Semyon Odintsov.

Many still do not know what is right: Shoma or Sema, but, apparently, Russian-speaking athletes still prefer the second option. Now it remains only to wait for photographs in which Uno eats borsch. Or sleeps – Shoma’s habit of always falling asleep in different places touches his Japanese fans, but will he like the Russians?

Recall that the Japanese have not concluded any contracts with Tutberidze. After parting with his long-term coaches, he has not yet announced the name of a new mentor, with whom he has not yet decided. Later, he will go to the training camp with other specialists, after which he will already begin full-fledged preparation for the new season. But is it too late? Shoma has already received appointments for the Grand Prix stages – he will perform in France from November 1 to 3, and two weeks later he will arrive in Russia.

But if the signing of Uno in “Crystal” still takes place, it will become historical.

Tutberidze raised two Olympic champions and dictates the development trends of world figure skating, but she never worked with foreigners in her career. Entering the international level may be the next stage in her career, so she should be interested in long-playing cooperation with Shoma.

Uno himself did not go the easy way after the regression last season, if he decided to leave immediately from his native and warm Japan to Tutberidze. This, according to the Russian coach Inna Goncharenko, speaks of his determination and readiness for a turn in his career. All for the opportunity to win the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing.

“Faced with problems, Uno did not take a break in his career, telling the whole world about his psychological difficulties, did not threaten“ professional seppuku ”(the same thing as hara-kiri -“ Gazeta.Ru ”) from misunderstanding others, did not go to Canada to the smiling Brian Orser, where you set the rules yourself and play along with the coach, but you decided to stick your head under the smile of Tutberidze in the hope of getting a strict school and Beijing gold. ”

It is not surprising that the Japanese this summer refused to perform in ice shows, preferring them to long and hard training. In the course of the season ended, he really ceased to be the skater who was prophesied the gold of the Games and the prospect of dropping Yuzuru Hanya from the throne. For Tutberidze, this is a new challenge, so it cannot be ruled out that Shoma’s trip to Russia for training camps is preparation for a full-fledged move.

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