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Jump Axel
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Yuzuru Hanyu

Yuzuru Hanyu is a Japanese skater who, despite her young age, is already called the legend and pride of the country. The young man has already managed to set several Olympic records, win world and Olympic “gold” in single skating and take first place in the ranking of the International Union of Skaters.

Childhood and youth
The future athlete was born in the Japanese city of Sendai on December 7, 1994. It is noteworthy that the school in which Yuzuru studied was also graduated from the famous skaters Takeshi Honda and Shizuka Arakawa.

Yuzuru Hanyu in childhood
Yuzuru Hanyu first appeared on the ice at 4 years old – mom took her son and daughter (the athlete has a sister) to the figure skating section. The talented boy the trainers noticed right away – Yuzuru grabbed the elements and ligaments from the first try, and soon could already perform rather complicated tricks.

The first serious performance – it was the Japanese Championship – was successful. Yuzuru took first place in the national championship. The boy at that time was 10 years old. Since then, a serious sports biography of Yuzuru began. It is noteworthy that Yuzuru Hanyu was diagnosed with asthma, but this fact does not prevent the athlete from successfully training and showing good results.

Figure skating
In the 2010–2011 season, Yuzuru Hanyu has already performed at the “adult” level. The skater made his debut at the NHK Trophy, where he finished fourth. Yuzuru also participated in the Cup of Russia. Here the athlete’s performance turned out to be less successful – the young man “skated” only to the seventh position. But the competition called “Rostelecom Cup – 2011”, held in Moscow, brought Yuzur a gold medal. In his native country, the skater finished the season in 4 positions.

For the first “adult” season, the results of Yuzuru were more than worthy. And this despite the fact that the skater’s hometown suffered from an earthquake, and the young man had to train in Yokohama and Hachinoha. The following season was marked for Yuzuru with two gold medals of the Finlandia Trophy Cup (2012 and 2013).

The first Olympics, held in Sochi in 2014, became no less successful for the skater. Here, Yuzuru won in the short and free programs, having won the coveted Olympic “gold”. And a month later, the athlete again confirmed his talent by winning the World Championships (competitions were held in the Japanese city of Saitama).

Unfortunately, by the end of the year, luck turned its back on Yuzuru: at the Chinese stage of the Grand Prix, the skater took second place, losing to the Chinese Yan Hanem. In addition, the athlete was seriously injured and was even forced to travel in a wheelchair for some time. The state of health did not allow Yujiro to fully complete the season, but the young man still entered the six finalists of the Grand Prix and even won first places in Barcelona for an arbitrary and short program.

In the same year, Yuzuru underwent surgery (the skater was diagnosed with non-closure of urachus). Fortunately, the treatment went without complications, and two months later the athlete returned to training again. But Yuzuru’s misadventures did not end there: at the beginning of 2015, the skater injured his ankle. However, this did not prevent the motivated young man from becoming the silver medalist of the next World Cup.

In the same year, Yuzuru became the first at the World Championships in Tokyo, which brought the team to third place in the team standings. At the competitions in Chinese Shanghai, the athlete again became the second, but the Canadian Autumn Classic International tournament brought the next gold award to the skater and was a great opening for the 2015-2016 season.

This season, Yuzur Khan managed to set several world records. At first, the young man surpassed his own result in 2014, gaining 106.33 points for a short program. Also points for a free program became record-breaking (the skater won 216.07 points). In addition, world records were recorded for the points obtained for the technique of performing the elements.
In the same season, at the final stage of the Barcelona Grand Prix, Yuzuru Hanyu again surpassed himself by updating the world records in the short and free programs, and for the third time won the “gold” of the Grand Prix finals – which also happened for the first time in the men’s singles skiing. But the World Cup, which ended this season, brought the skater only the second place – apparently, the athlete relaxed a bit, which made some annoying mistakes.

The season 2016 – 2017 began for Yuzuru Hanyu victory in the Canadian tournament “Autumn Classic International”. Here, for the first time in the history of men’s single skating, an athlete impeccably performed a complex element – a quad rittberger. Victory in the world tournament also remained with Yuzuru.

After a series of world records, it seemed to surprise Yuzuru fans it would be difficult. However, the skater succeeded again: at the 2017 World Cup, the athlete exceeded his own record for points for the execution of a free program.

Surprisingly, even constant competition, training and flights do not prevent Yuzur Han from getting an education.

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