Legends of Russian figure skating
Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov. Two-time Olympic champions, four-time world and European champions, six-time USSR champions. It was Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov who became the founders of the wonderful…

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What a skater does not like fast skating. Imagine, we are flying, accelerating and rejoicing in speed, as a tall and not soft side grows in front of us. At…

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How often do you need to sharpen your skate blades?
Firstly, if these are new skates, sharpening is definitely necessary. Do not flatter yourself at the factory that someone will sharpen your blades. They already have enough work. That the…

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Evgenia Medvedeva-biography

The main advantage of Zhenya Medvedeva is her incredible inner strength, multiplied by her artistic / creative talent. She does not worry about the next element (at least, outwardly it is not noticeable), she does not depict emotions on a piece of paper, she is absolutely in the nature of the program (like few others!), And when it comes to the element, she just takes it and * does *! (And at times, it seems to look disappointed – because it was too easy! ??) Mother Russia is rich in talents … But Evgeny Medvedev just needs to be protected! That’s all the movies.

Evgenia Medvedev biography:

Evgenia Medvedev as a child Evgenia Medvedev figure skating

Evgenia Medvedev in childhood. Family and parents of Evgenia Medvedeva.

Evgenia Medvedeva’s father is Armenian Arman Babasyan, an individual entrepreneur. Mother – Zhanna Devyatova, a former skater. She constantly remains in the shadows, does not give interviews and is not known to the public for some reason. The surname, Medvedev, the skater took from her maternal grandmother. Maiden name of mother Eugenia was different.

Mom determined the future of her daughter when she brought a 3-year-old girl to the figure skating section. And the little girl watched with enthusiasm the appearances of her namesake Evgeni Plushenko on TV. Three-year-old Zhenya was led into the section by the first coach Lyubov Yakovleva. Since then, Eugene Medvedev in sports.

I didn’t have the usual childhood with dolls and games with yard children, I never wanted to leave difficult classes at the rink.

In addition to skates, which had already become the meaning of life, she had a hobby – drawing, which critically did not have enough time.

When Lyubov Yakovleva went on maternity leave, the young figure skater fell under the wing of Elena Selivanova.

In 2007, parents decided to transfer their daughter to a group of another coach – Eteri Tutberidze, who worked in parallel with the elder Julia Lipnitskaya for a year. Surprisingly, Zhenya and Julia did not become friends. Eugene does not like being compared to Lipnitskaya, but respects her rival.

According to Zhenya, at the age of 8 she was still a “crude” skater who needed to learn a lot. And Eteri Georgievna put a lot of effort. In the hands of an experienced coach, Eugene began to turn into a real queen of the rink.

At the age of 9, Evgenia Medvedeva clearly understood that “figure skating is my job, my career and my life.” At the same time, she was aware that this requires effort and self-discipline: “You just need to learn how to overcome yourself and difficulties.”

“About ten years, although from morning till night I was engaged in figure skating, I wanted to play, run, get distracted. And after ten there was a turning point. I already clearly knew why I was working, why I was doing this, what I needed to do to to achieve result”.

Evgenia Medvedeva the beginning of an adult career:

Perseverance, multiplied by the determination and industriousness of Zhenya Medvedeva, soon brought the first fruits. At the age of 12, Evgenia Medvedev was enrolled in the Russian team.

Just a couple of years, and she became a junior who made her brilliant debut at the Junior Grand Prix in Latvia. The performance brought her victory with a score of 169.52 points. The girl went around her compatriot Maria Sotskova and American Karen Shen.

Despite the workload, Evgenia Medvedeva managed to be an excellent student at school. She especially liked history and biology.

In the final of the Grand Prix among juniors, held in Japan, the athlete won the bronze, losing only to her compatriots – Maria Sotskova and Serafima Sakhanovich. At the 2014 Russian Championships, Evgenia Medvedeva took seventh place among adults and fourth place among juniors. In early March 2014, she became the second in the final of the adult Russian Figure Skating Cup, leaving only Anna Pogoriluy ahead.

This success and accident (skater Adeline Sotnikova was injured) allowed the girl to try her hand again at the international level. Medvedev participates in the junior championship and receives the “bronze”.

In the 14/15 season, she was applauded as the gold medalist in the stadiums of Barcelona and Tallinn, where the Junior Grand Prix was held. At the 2015 Russian Championships, she became one of the winners for the first time, albeit with a bronze place, and she became the winner at the national junior championship.

The fall of 2015 was marked for Evgenia Medvedeva by the transition to adult figure skating. Zhenya won an excellent result at the open international tournament in Slovakia – the Ondrei Nepela Memorial. A few weeks later, the skater brilliantly performs in the American Milwaukee, having passed the test of strength in the first adult competition in the Grand Prix series with dignity. Here, Eugene pulls out the first place.

Evgenia Medvedev personal life:

Evgenia Medvedeva is too busy to be distracted by the opposite sex. At the moment, he devotes all his time to sports. But she has many loyal friends, communication with which brings her joy.

Other facts.

The skater has a hobby, which does not have much time left, let alone her personal life. Evgenia Medvedeva loves to draw.

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