Famous Russian skaters, Olympic champions
Figure skating today is one of the most popular sports in the world, attracting more and more children - future champions, as well as interesting and beautiful to watch on…

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Flip and axel
Flip. Translated from English - “click”. In English it is sometimes called “toe salchow,” that is, “dental salchow,” but this is not true. The closest to the denticular flip is…

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150 shades of gray. Amazing figure skating records
January 20, 2006, the Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya for the first time in her life woke up an outstanding record holder. The day before, she won the European Championships…

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Carolina Costner

For the beauty, femininity and incredible talent, Carolina Costner was nicknamed Princess Caro. Costner is also known for being one of the few skaters who can perform complex triple cascades. It has a high speed and the fact that it jumps and rotates clockwise.

Carolina Costner biography:

Carolina Costner as a child Carolina Costner Figure Skating

Family and parents of Carolina Costner.

Often, future champions are born into sports families. Carolina is no exception. Her father, coach Erwin Costner, was the captain of the Italian national hockey team at world championships and the Olympic Games, and her mother, Patricia Costner, the Italian champion in figure skating, played for the national team in the 70s. Both of her brothers play hockey. Cousin Isolda Costner – skier, silver medalist of the 2002 Olympics. Carolina has two brothers: the older Martin and the younger Simon (the latter is engaged in ice hockey). Not surprisingly, Carolina began figure skating at four.

Carolina Costner was born on February 8, 1987 in the city of Bolzano in Italy. Of course, Carolina “started skating before she learned to walk” – at 4 years old she was already trying to make the first pirouettes on ice. First, the girl trained in her homeland, and in 2001 she left for Germany to study with the famous coach Michael Hut.

“- If I were a fencer, then I would not become a champion, because in Italy there are a lot of strong fencers. But, for example, my cousin Isolda Costner was a skier. She won three Olympic medals, two world championship medals and two World Cups. And as a child, I said that I would also be a skier and continue the family tradition. For some time I combined figure skating and skiing. But at some point I realized that I was hopelessly in love with figure skating. I constantly danced at home, wore costumes for figure skating skiing. It became clear that not a skier. And at the age of 14, when I had to go to high school, I opted for figure skating. Besides, I won something there, and I didn’t have a single trophy in skiing. So the choice was easy. ”

Carolina Costner began her adult career:

Carolina Costner began her sports career in the 2000-2001 season and immediately successfully – she became the winner of the Italian junior championship. At the age of 15, the skater began to take part in adult tournaments. Then she confirmed the title of champion of Italy, and at the world championship (though still among young athletes) she became a bronze medalist.

Then Carolina is training hard and begins to “gain momentum.” From 2003 to 2005, she won two gold championships in Italy, two bronze medals: one at the World Championships, and the second at the European Championships, and silver at the Grand Prix stage.

“- When you are 15, you can do incredible tricks on ice, but you still ride differently, not with the same spiritual depth, as when you are already 25, when there are already ups and downs behind. You have experience, you bring it to the ice and it makes your presence much more palpable. ”

At home Olympics, Carolina performed unsuccessfully – she became only the 9th, and at the World Championships of the same year she was 12th at all.

In the next two seasons, she won the European Championships in 2007 and 2008, won the bronze medal of the 2007–2008 Grand Prix season, and was the silver medalist of the 2008 World Cup, losing only to Japanese Mao Asade.

At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Costner takes an unusual 16th line in the ranking.

Carolina Costner personal life:

Athletes of such a high level sometimes do not have time for themselves and for building personal relationships, since they devote all their time to training, training camps and competitions. Nevertheless, already being a famous figure skater, Carolina met Alex Schwarzer – an athlete and Olympic champion in race walking.

A couple of many years had a close relationship. If the Italian press published their joint pictures on the main page, the circulation was sold out in the very first hours. As Carolina herself admits, she loved Alex and trusted him.

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Carolina Costner
For the beauty, femininity and incredible talent, Carolina Costner was nicknamed Princess Caro. Costner is also known for being one of the few skaters who can perform complex triple cascades.…


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