Legends of Russian figure skating
Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov. Two-time Olympic champions, four-time world and European champions, six-time USSR champions. It was Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov who became the founders of the wonderful…

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Injuries and stress are the flip side to the success of Russian skaters
Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva has already twice been a world champion and, by all accounts, was the main contender for the 2018 Winter Olympics gold. This was considered a…

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Evgenia Medvedeva: moving to Canada was the sharpest turn in my life
The Moscow stage of the Grand Prix in figure skating was marked by many achievements - the Russians were the first in all kinds of programs, and some of them…

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Caitlin Osmond

The biography of Caitlin Osmond seems to be plotted off from the biography of one Russian figure skater. Although, of course, this could not be, because Caitlin is three years older than her. You guessed it, right? Of course, this is a biography of Yulia Lipnitskaya.

Caitlin Osmond is the 2017 Canadian champion and one of the best skaters in the world. But this is not the most important thing, you will read about titles on Wikipedia. Another thing is important. Osmond is a girl who shatters the idea of ​​figure skating to smithereens and happily stomps on fragments of misunderstandings dusting under the skates.

Caitlin Osmond biography:

Caitlin Osmond as a child Caitlin Osmond figure skating

Family and acquaintance with figure skating Caitlin Osmond.

Caitlin Osmond was born December 5, 1995, in the family of Jeff and Jackie Osmond in Marystone, Canada. She began to ride at the age of 3 years.

In the summer, there was no ice in Maryland, so the Osmond sisters went to train in Montreal. In many respects, it was the desire to provide daughters with decent conditions for training and were determined by further relocations. At the age of seven, Caitlin Osmond moved to Montreal, Canada. and at the age of ten in Sherwood Park (Canada) in order to constantly improve the conditions of his training, where he lives and trains to this day. In Alberta, Caitlin Osmond studied at the local club ‘Ice Palace Figure Skating Club’; coached by Ravi Walia, and choreographed by Lance Vipond.

Caitlin Osmond was inspired by the experience of her older sister Natasha to do figure skating. Natasha Osmond specialized in singles, pair skating and ice dancing; She performed mostly at national level competitions. Subsequently, however, Caitlin managed to show that she was not only inferior to her sister, but in many ways she was superior. Osmond already has champion titles at the national level and a number of successful performances at the international level.

Caitlin Osmond adult career:

Caitlin lit up very early. At age 16 (in the 2011-2012 season), Osmond won the short program at her first adult Canadian championship, overtaking Cynthia Phaneuf and 2011 bronze medalist Amelie Lacoste. Ultimately, Osmond received only bronze (gold went to Lacoste, silver – Fanoef), however, this was an excellent result for the debut performance.

Caitlin won the first ‘adult’ national title in 2013 at the next Canadian Championship; for the first time in 10 years, an athlete not from Quebec was able to earn the champion title at the women’s tournament.

Caitlin also won the home stage of the Skate Canada Grand Prix. Then it was eighth in the world championship. Shortly afterwards, Caitlin was included in the Canadian Olympic team. In team performances, Osmond made a significant contribution to the national team silver medal; in personal performances, she was less fortunate – the athlete was forced to be content with only 13th place.

After a silver medal in the team event at the Sochi Olympics, Caitlin Osmond missed the entire 2014/15 season due to an ankle fracture. She was 18 years old. Probably, at that moment neither in Canada, nor in the whole world there was no fan who would believe in it.

In July 2015, Caitlin Osmond took part in the competition for the first time in 16 months – she skated a short program at the Skate Detroit tournament in Bloomfield, Michigan, which was also attended by other strong athletes.

“I returned to the level that was before the injury, if not better. In fact, I think it’s much better. My jumps improved, my skating improved.

I needed a rest. In recent years, I have had many injuries, so I really needed time to fully recover. ”

Caitlin Osmond personal life:

Canadian Caitlin Osmond has a very interesting hobby – coloring. But figure skating still takes most of the time.

Osmond was treated for numerous injuries for a very long time, and when she recovered completely from them, she became vice world champion, losing only to Evgenia Medvedeva.

Other facts about Caitlin Osmond.

In April 2014, the authorities of Marystone renamed the local ice rink into the “Caitlin Osmond Arena” and handed her a symbolic key to the city. They also named the street after her.

Features: Unlike most other skaters, performs jumps clockwise (Note E. Wagner, K. Costner also perform their jumps)

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