Flip and axel
Flip. Translated from English - “click”. In English it is sometimes called “toe salchow,” that is, “dental salchow,” but this is not true. The closest to the denticular flip is…

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"And after 50 years I see myself in figure skating." Rika Kihira
Japanese figure skater Rika Kihira gained worldwide fame after winning the 2018 Grand Prix Final in Vancouver. Then she beat the Olympic champion Alina Zagitova, and set a new world…

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Alina Zagitova
Alina Zagitova is one of the best skaters in the world, performing in the women's single discipline of figure skating. For the titles that Alina won before adulthood, many athletes…

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Maria Sotskova

At first, Masha Sotskova, as she said, did not like boring routine exercises, but when the jumps started, it became interesting. And the sports competition completely conquered the little skater. Jumping brought some extreme and variety to the classes, now the mobile girl was looking forward to the next lesson. Over time, this excitement began to capture Sotskova more and more, and already starting in 2009, the girl began to show outstanding results …

Family and parents of Maria Sotskova.

Parents of Maria Sotskova are her main fans. Mom accompanies her daughter in tournaments and picks up her costumes. But at the competitions, Mom and Dad are so worried about Masha that they can’t watch live performances.

A young promising skater Maria Sotskova was born on April 12, 2000 in the Moscow region, the city of Reutov, in a family where there were no athletes, but the sport was respected. The athlete got on skates at the age of four on a simple yard rink. Then Masha’s mother thought that this sport could not only replace the baby dolls and TV, but also bring health benefits, and in the future – beauty and harmony. Nobody thought about sports achievements and medals.

Maria Sotskova started very early in rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating at the same time, choosing the latter for her sports career, which led her to important results in the junior category and allowed herself to prove herself in the main ISU competitions.

Little Maria was brought to the section where the girl fell into the hands of the demanding mentor Svetlana Panova. The first visit to a professional skating rink was a big disappointment for little Masha. Left alone with an unfamiliar strict aunt in this large cold room, the girl burst into tears. Also, all the first classes and training were accompanied by tears. But the parents did not follow the whimper of their daughter and continued to drive Maria to the rink.

– They brought me to the rink in three and a half years, but only so that I would not sit at home and turn into a fat child-loafer.

I think that my mother simply did not want me to start wasting time on all sorts of unreasonable things. Therefore, she decided to give me to sports – so that I was seriously busy with something.

The first tangible success in the sports biography of Maria Sotskova appeared in 2009. In 2012, Masha pleased the coach and parents with a bronze medal, which she brought from the junior championship, and the following year, Sotskova got two silver medals and a Grand Prix in the Land of the Rising Sun. Then silver in talin and gold in Zagreb followed.

Maria Sotskova adult career:

The young athlete polished skill on the ice of the capital’s children and youth sports school “Snow Leopards”. At its base, Maria Sotskova prepared for the 2013/2014 Olympic season and brilliantly performed at the Junior Grand Prix. The figure skater won the stages and reached the final, where she won the main prize.

A series of victories continued next season. Maria Sotskova won silver in Estonia and gold in Croatia. But after success in the junior stages, the girl slowed down and did not get on the champion’s pedestal.

Every day, skater Maria Sotskova is filled with training on ice and in the gym. In addition, she has to spend a lot of time at the choreographic machine. But there are also classes at school and homework.

“At that time, I didn’t get along very well at school, I didn’t get very good grades, and my mother said that if I’m not able to combine sport and school, I just need to give up sports. And what’s the stupidest thing is to continue to meditate and to others. Mom always wanted me to get a good education. ”

At the age of 16, Maria Sotskova made an independent and adult decision, which was supported by coach Svetlana Panova: the skater went to America, where she skated under the leadership of Rafael Harutyunyan.

“- I wanted to stay in America. Not only to train, but also to study. When I left for Moscow, I even cried. Then I realized that I would definitely be back, and maybe not once. But not forever, that’s for sure.”

In a group of a talented mentor in California, an athlete polished skill, paying for classes from personal funds. Harutyunyan, according to Masha, taught her to usefully spend every minute at the rink and fight for a place in the sun without losing a second of precious time.

After the championship of Russia 2015/2016, Sotskova got a new mentor – Elena Buyanova. Maria replaced the club, moving to CSKA.

Maria Sotskova personal life:

Young beauty Maria Sotskova, whose latest photos regularly appear on the page on Instagram, is not married. But, judging by the comments of the account subscribers, the slender (with a height of 1.72 m weighs 50 kg) blonde beauty does not feel a shortage of fans. The girl does not cover personal life, therefore it is not known whether her heart is free.

Maria Sotskova is different.

Judging by the achievements, Masha is a surprisingly hardworking and enthusiastic person. She rarely rests and spends two thirds of her time at the rink. Given that until recently, Mary had to be distracted by schoolwork.

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