Olympic season

Who judges the skaters, where the referees are trained, and what influences their decisions. Figure skating
They get a penny, dance on a pole and endure threats. “SE” answers the eternal question “Who are the judges?” This season, judges in figure skating are some of the…

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Evgenia Medvedeva: moving to Canada was the sharpest turn in my life
The Moscow stage of the Grand Prix in figure skating was marked by many achievements - the Russians were the first in all kinds of programs, and some of them…

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Evgenia Medvedeva-biography
The main advantage of Zhenya Medvedeva is her incredible inner strength, multiplied by her artistic / creative talent. She does not worry about the next element (at least, outwardly it…

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Famous Russian skaters, Olympic champions

Figure skating today is one of the most popular sports in the world, attracting more and more children – future champions, as well as interesting and beautiful to watch on TV or on an ice rink.

The emergence of figure skating
The first skates on iron runners appeared in the Netherlands in the 13-14 centuries, so it is she who is considered the founder of figure skating.

After the appearance of skates of a fundamentally new type, popularity also came, which incredibly contributed to the rapid development of this sport, which in those days was reduced to drawing various figures on ice and not losing a beautiful pose. Continue reading

The best Russian skaters of the last four years (and what happened to them)

the 2013/14 season she won both the qualifying stages of the Grand Prix, became the second in the final, and then impressed everyone with a magnificent victory at the European Championship. At the Games in Sochi, she won first places in both programs of the team tournament and made the maximum contribution to the Olympic triumph of the Russian team.

A fall

Sochi-2014 already performed much weaker in the personal tournament than in the team tournament: only 5th place. And for the next three seasons, she did not win a single major tournament and never even got into the national team at the European Championship or World Cup. Last summer, she completed Continue reading

In legendary costumes and in the final of the world Grand Prix

In these costumes Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov won the silver of the World Cup in 2011. We hope that they bring luck to Alina and Roman in the Grand Prix finals. Photo: Screenshot of the broadcast of Channel One

The new season is gaining momentum in figure skating. And while adult athletes are still trying their hand at class “B” tournaments, the juniors have already figured out which of them will compete for awards in the World Grand Prix finals. The chance to speak at one of the key starts of the year was also received by the Sverdlovsk couple – Alina Pepelova and Roman Pleshkov. Continue reading

The brightest single skaters in history


The youngest winner in the history of Olympic figure skating Yulia Lipnitskaya became the main sensation of Sochi-2014. The 15-year-old skater, who, among other venerable pros, won the team competition, was applauded by President V.V. Putin, stars of Russian figure skating and all the Western media without exception. “With her incredibly light triple jumps, acrobatic spins and champion temperament, Julia Lipnitskaya led Russia to the first gold award in the Sochi Olympics,” writes The Washington Post. In addition, Steven Spielberg himself wrote her a touching letter, stunned by her skating to the music from his film Schindler’s List. Continue reading

The worst skater in the world performed at the Universiade 2019

The Brazilian skater disgraced sports and the Universiade. Or is he well done?
It was the worst performance in the history of real figure skating. See for yourself. Would you find the strength in you for that?
It’s not necessary to be an athlete
The Universiade is perhaps the strangest major tournament of those that exist in world sports. The scope is of a truly Olympic scale: new sports facilities, dozens of medals, hundreds of participants, thousands of spectators, millions of invested funds – all in an adult way.

Here are just sports wrestling in the arenas often comes out strange. If in order to qualify for the World Continue reading

Margot Robbie on tears, bruises and Russian skaters
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"And after 50 years I see myself in figure skating." Rika Kihira
Japanese figure skater Rika Kihira gained worldwide fame after winning the 2018 Grand Prix Final in Vancouver. Then she beat the Olympic champion Alina Zagitova, and set a new world…


Figure film: Sui blinded in one eye, heroic Alyona and Eric's adventures
By the number of movie episodes that can be woven into a script for a large screen, figure skating is beyond competition among all winter sports. The tournament of sports…


Rika Kihira
Rika Kihira is a talented athlete from Japan, who won the fans of figure skating with a difficult program at the world stages of the Grand Prix. The ease of…