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Hot Deals on Evaporative Air Conditioner – It Is Time You Own One

Face it, we all have this room in our houses that our air conditioning system cannot seem to reach. In the hot, hot days of summer, it is an oven in there!


One of the cost-effective and efficient systems is evaporative air cooling – and the best time to get one is now since many evaporative air conditioner deals are going on.

However, as practical as they are, only a few people seem to be aware of the operation of evaporative air coolers or their many advantages.


Below, we go into details to explain what these devices are exactly, how they work, and if you should consider getting one.





Evaporative coolers are available in different sizes, and thus, depending on their size, they can cool an area of 120 to 2,000 square feet.


All these machines require a supply of water and electricity.


Evaporative air coolers are often referred to as ventless air coolers because they do not require vents like traditional air conditioners and air conditioning systems.



The Science Behind the Operation of Ventless Air Conditioners


When people are mingling by the poolside in the hot summer sun, what is the best way for them to cool off? Going into the water, of course!


This sounds logical, but it is crucial to explain the operation of evaporative air conditioners.


You see, along with the decrease in core temperature, the pool water will cover your body and saturate your skin. Which explains that when you leave the pool, it is cooler! You’ll feel the coolness of even the slightest breeze. The reason is directly related to evaporation.


Evaporation is the process by which water passes from a liquid to a gas. Changing the state requires a lot of energy, which lowers the immediate temperature. When the moisture is on the skin and evaporates, you feel the cold temperature created by the heat removed from the air.


This simple law of physics explains the operation of unventilated air cooling units and the main reason for their effectiveness.


Another way to understand the process is to look at the air like a sponge. It works the same way.


When air comes in contact with water, it absorbs water and becomes wet, creating moist air.


In dry conditions where humidity (the amount of moisture in the air) is low, more moisture can be absorbed.


In humid weather, the air is already wet and can not absorb much more. When the humidity reaches about 100%, it can no longer contain moisture, and the risk of rain is very high.


Surprisingly, water temperature neither improves nor decreases the efficiency of evaporative cooling. The water supply coming from an outside source could be about 50 degrees hotter than from an inside source, yet it will result in a total variation of 2 to 3% only.


By creating moisture in the air, a non-ventilated portable air conditioner sets up a process that will significantly reduce the temperature. This process is simple and economical compared to other methods.



That silly room that can seem to get cooled? It will be a breeze to cool it with an evaporative air conditioner. So before the weekend rolls in and your overnight guests arrive, get one of the evaporative air conditioner deals going on now at your local dealer!