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The Different Types of Carports Adelaide

Carports are similar to a garage but are different in terms of appearance. While a garage is a closed structure that holds vehicles, a carport is wide open. However, the reason why it’s so popular here in Australia isn’t because of its ability to store your cat. Instead, it’s famous for its multipurpose use. However, how do you choose the best carport for your home? For beginners, there are a plethora of different types of carports Adelaide available. We want to help you decide. Discover more in this site. Here are the different types of carports. Continue reading to discover which one is for you.


Corrugated Metal Buildings

The first and most common type of carports is those that are made of corrugated metal. It’s also unique as it’s free-standing – completely separate from the rest of your home. The reason why this variant is super popular is because of its extremely affordable price. This type of carport is also easy to customise since you’ll have a completely separate structure to work on. It also adds value by providing multiple uses. You can use it as an outdoor lounging area, a barbecue station, a place to store your food and drinks during an outdoor party, and more.


Home Extensions or Additions

The next popular type of carport are the ones that are built directly onto the home. They almost behave similarly to a verandah in that it’s installed beside a house. It’s a great way to extend your home’s living space and make sure there’s more room for you to use when you’re spending time outdoors. It’s also known to add the most value to any homeowner. Of course, it’s also the most permanent solution for storing your vehicle. You can discover more in this site if you want to know more about home extension carports Adelaide.


Open Sided Carports

This carport is the most inexpensive and easy-to-install variant among all the carports mentioned in this article. With an open-sided carport, the frame is built and then topped with a roofing system. This option helps protect your car from any sun or rain damage. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a cheap, quick-to-install, yet still effective option for storing your vehicle.


There are many more types of carports that are available. You can discover more on this site, or you can access our official blog page to know more about carports.