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Practical Advice on How to Clean Betta-Blinds Awnings Adelaide

Do you have an awning at home? If so, how many times do you clean it? The recommended times that you clean an awning is at least twice a year. If you haven’t touched your awning for more than two years, then it may already have problems or permanent mould stains on its fabric. We understand that you don’t want to clean your awning. But do bear in mind that owning one requires you to commit to regular Betta-Blinds Awnings Adelaide maintenance and care. If you want your awning to look good all year long, follow these simple tips and advice on how to clean your awning at home:


Important Tips


Position the frame of your awning so that the awning fabric is perfectly taut and does not rub against another structure. Keeping the awning stretched and pulled prevents water retention after rainfall, thus preventing mould build-up.


Don’t leave your awning extended during high winds. You may keep it open during rain. But if it’s wet, don’t retract it for long periods. If you do need to retract your damp awning, extend it again as soon as possible to dry out the fabric. Once it’s dry, you can detract it back again.


How to Clean Your Awning Fabric


It may seem daunting at first, but cleaning Betta-Blinds Awnings Adelaide is quite simple. You can remove light stains using warm, soapy water. Avoid using detergents, high-pressure hoses, or scrubbing the fabric for long periods. Just splay your awning fabric with the soapy water, let it soak for a couple of minutes before you start scrubbing.



Replacing an Awning Fabric


Once the awning fabric has accumulated too much mould stains, it’s time that you replace it. Other reasons include replacing it with a colour or textile that suits your home’s overall theme. Fabric replacement is a sustainable solution since you’ll only replace what is necessary. However, if the frame is also old and worn out, you should consider replacing the entire awning with a new one. For a full replacement, consult with a professional.


Awnings During Winter


Summer is when you make full use of your awning. However, at the end of summer, you should take the time to dry your awning before rolling it away. This will prevent mould growth. Remove the valence during winter or cold season to ensure that it retains its aesthetic qualities.


Betta-Blinds Awnings Adelaide are amazing outdoor structures. But it can only be useful if you take good care of it. Hopefully, these practical tips will help you get started with awning maintenance and cleaning. For more outdoor tips and advice, check out our blog page.