Coquitlam Synchro

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Vickie Pena

The Coquitlam Synchro

Synchronized skating adds a dynamic dimension to the world of competitive and recreational skating and is one of the fastest growing ice sports. An exciting team sport, it is a specialized branch of figure skating that involves 12-20 skaters performing intricate formations and breathtaking transitions all choreographed to reflect speed, unison, and accuracy.

In interpreting the highlights and story of the music, teams must skate in complete unison; from their head positions and expression to their arm holds and free leg positioning. The combination of creative choreography, appealing music, and attractive costumes makes synchronized skating a great sport for participants and spectators.

Synchronized skating teams accommodate skaters at all skill levels from those just learning the sport to highly competitive skaters. The focus on participation, fun, friendly competition, and lifetime involvement is responsible for synchronized skating’s phenomenal growth.