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The Different Variants of Data Loggers

The first thing you must understand when you are shopping for a data logger is that there are several types out there. It means you cannot assume that all the prospects you see are the same. There are three categories to choose from, including electronic, wireless, and mechanical. But the thing is you cannot rely on those categories because they can sometimes mislead you, specifically with the reality that many of them come equipped with the same features. One example is the fact that all three variants are described as electronics-based instruments.

The best approach when you’re buying Dwyer instruments, specifically data loggers, is to choose your product based on what it measures. For the most part, you will look at a device that measures humidity, temperature, shock, and others.

Mechanical Data Logger

A mechanical data logger is the first standalone device, which means it does not require a computer to work. The data collected from this instrument is printed directly to the paper in the form of a strip chart. The chart is attached to the device for convenience. You can start using the data logger by pulling a tab and then removing the strip chart once you are ready to do a review on the collected data.

Electronic Data Logger

Meanwhile, an electronic data logger you can buy at Dwyer instruments is different from that of the first variety in a way that you need a computer to use it. Although it may be an additional burden for some to look for a computer before using it, the advantage is that you can do a lot of things using an electronic data logger especially when you compare it to the mechanical variety. Also, you should know that the electronic data logger has programmable features, which means you have the versatility you need for measuring stuff. For instance, you may choose interval readings. You also have the option to download recorded data to your computer via software or program.

Wireless Data Logger

Finally, a wireless data logger is the product of modern technology. It offers features you want in a sophisticated device for recording data, including remote control, wireless access, and RFD temperature recording. The difference between the device to that of the previous ones we talked about is that the former is small and thin, which means you can conveniently carry it around. Wireless data loggers are programmable and user-friendly. Because there are no cables involved, you can access data even in the toughest and most inconvenient places. You also can monitor real-time conditions using it.

Whenever you are ready to buy your first ever data logger, we insist that you start here to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible. Also, don’t forget to ask questions if you are not sure about your options.